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 With over 12 years of experience in corporate communications, content writing/editing and public relations, Shrikant Ayyangar (best known as Shri) is an avid blogger and traveler who loves to explore off-beat destinations around India and across the globe. Shri also has extensive knowledge of the development sector and continues to volunteer or raise funds for different non-profit organizations that he is passionate about.

Digital Communications and social media management skills are deeply embedded in his DNA and he is often spotted with a camera hanging around his neck.


Content Writing/Editing


Right from travel stories, lifestyle blogs to financial articles and even op-eds, Shri is adept to a vast range of topics; crafts every single piece to perfection and uses the power of words to convey the message effectively.



Shri began his journey in to photography from his early childhood days with a workhorse camera and then graduated to the digital SLR predecessors. He enjoys travel photography, people photography and candid captures.

Social Media Influencer


With social and digital media gaining prominence, Shri has tapped on to its pulse smartly. He loves to review new restaurants, enjoys product reviews and goes indepth when it comes to travel and service-related reviews.

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